01. Currently, the [maximum] number of students in our classes in the English Language Program is 18.
02. The cost to repair your car should be no more than $500, [maximum].
03. Ching-wen obtained a score of 89 out of a [maximum] of 110 on the test.
04. The [maximum] load for this bridge is two tonnes.
05. Who cares if the [maximum] speed for this car is 250 km/h? You can never go faster than the speed limit anyway.
06. We need to lower our overhead costs in order to [maximize] profits.
07. Today's high exceeded the [maximum] recorded temperature for the month of July previously set in 1946.
08. David Sarnoff once said that success means the opportunity to experience, and to realize to the [maximum] the forces that are within us.
09. Male killer whales generally live to a [maximum] of 50 years, while females may reach 70-80 years of age.
10. The spaceship that landed on the moon was built to minimize weight and [maximize] manoeuvrability.
11. The [maximum] recorded dive time for a killer whale is about 15 minutes.
12. Two hundred beats per minute is the [maximum] heartbeat possible for a human.
13. A car operates at [maximum] economy, gas-wise, at speeds between 25 and 35 miles per hour.
14. Agricultural development efforts in Korea have been concentrated mainly on [maximizing] yields from the country's limited farming land.
15. I can only pay $2000 for the car, [max].
16. To [maximize] your chances of an enjoyable, hassle-free holiday, get informed about your destination before you go.
17. To [maximise] profits, I suggest we reduce our unit price in order to sell a greater volume of product.
18. There are certain strategies you can utilize in order to [maximize] your chances for success in school.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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